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The Invisible Institution

11-17 October 2023

Locations: Doza Gallery, Æther Art Space, Untiled/Sold Out Gallery

Opening 11. Oct

6pm.@ Doza gallery, Sofia

The 6th annual edition of Sofia Art Week (SAW) is passionately dedicated to the life and work of a departed friend and collaborator, Simone Gilges (1973-2023). Gilges was a German contemporary artist, a founding member of the artists collective Honey-Suckle Company, and the publisher of "freier", a magazine for the mental state. Her practice was deeply inspired by the power of collectivity and the possibilities for transformation. In honour of her life and artistic accomplishments, we invite the public to participate in a collective action, a community-centered ritual, and a collaboratively produced and credited work of art.

How do we rewire the broken circuits between artist, audience, and institution? How do we collaborate? How do we find commonalities despite our differences? The current edition of SAW seeks to multiply the art labor force that is intrinsically connected to a value that can only emerge through the collective power to affect change. We join the global chorus of artists, cultural practitioners, and creatives in solidarity against an oppressive continuum, perpetuated through an unjust system and art market. We are deconstructing the institution of art in solidarity with global movements for human rights.

We invite you to a ritual of occupying intellectual and physical space in order to imagine, create, pause, breathe, and manifest the future of art and the institution through our collective action. We choose LOVE and CARE as the tenants of our path forward.

Between 15:00 and 19:00 each day for the duration of SAW, audiences can visit gallery Doza and contribute to the collective artwork. The gallery will host accompanying public programs and events, ranging from sound baths of healing frequencies, lectures, presentations, meditation guidance, and more. Our public opening for SAW will take place at the culmination of the week and on the last day of SAW - October 17th from 6 until 9pm. Where all collective art pieces will go for sale.

The raised amount will go to The European Association for Cancer Research.

Also for direct donations please go to:

In parallel universe the project manifests The Materialised Spirit as Nature. This one is for you, honey! We know that together, we can reframe the value of art and art labor in the context of a new economy.

Join us at SAW!

11 October 2023
Opening SAW
Introduction of the week by Voin de Voin
Doza Gallery
Focus: Lecture and Q&A session led by Natalia Ivanova Mount, who will share parts of her study and lecture on Reframing the value of art and fair labour in the context of sharing economy. Followed by an open conversation with the audience. Originally from Bulgaria, Natalia Ivanova is a curator, artivist, and published author whose practice has, over the last two decades, largely addressed the role of art and culture in the commons, and what constitutes public practice – artistically, aesthetically, and intellectually – during a time of radical changes in the cultural landscape of the United States. In 2001 Natalia Ivanova co-founded FLUX Art Space– a pioneering art organization that commissioned and produced social practice projects, public interventions, and digital art education programs in New York City. In the beginning of her career, she worked at MoMA PS1 and Clocktower, New York. For the last 10 years, Natalia has served as the Executive Director of Pro Arts Gallery in Oakland, California - one of the oldest, alternative art spaces in the Bay Area with beginnings in 1974. In 2019, Natalia launched the first art commons out of Pro Arts Gallery, Pro Arts COMMONS. As one of the founders of Dadais Americanus Productions – an absurdist intellectual property abolitionists collective, Natalia performs, writes, curates, and stages exhibitions and public interventions. She is the author of The Commons: of Friends & Lovers, written in collaboration with Marc Herbst. Natalia is currently a resident with Scope A.I.R in Berlin, Germany.
12 October 2023
14:00 – 19:00
Opening visitor hours
Doza Gallery
5pm. Healing frequencies sound bath by Simone Vitti and EEro members of Ropotamo collective.
13 October 2023
15:00 - 19:00
Double fold show
The Pleasure of Matter
Parallel Opening from 7-10 pm at Æther and Untiled gallery
@Æther art space & Untiled gallery
WÆ have the honour to introduce a joint venture between 3 active agencies uniting in a physical new space in Sofia - Kotseva Teodora with, Kai Muller Kai Müller with Untiled Gallery @untiledgallery and Aleksandra Stanisheva founder of Virul Foundation. Their passion advocates the vibrant art scene in Bulgaria, striving to create a platform that not only showcases exceptional artworks but also uplifts and promotes local artists. The gallery stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication to the arts, specifically focusing on contemporary art from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Located on Tzar Asen I, str. 19 in a typical neighborhood with lots of antique shops and other galleries, the space would aim to bring contemporary art dialogues and present artists from Bulgaria and abroad in an intimate setting. The opening date will be on the 13th of October from 18:00-22:00h at both spaces located at: “Tzar Asen I”, str. 19, "Knyaz Boris I" str. 39, in just 5 min distance from each other. On occasion of SAW (Sofia Art Week) Kai Muller (Untiled Gallery) invites Greek artist Marilia Kolibiri to present her works at the Opening reception of Untiled / sold out. Marilia Kolibiri (1993) studied in Athens School of Fine Arts and works mostly with traditional materials i.e. oil on canvas and ceramics. Her subjects on the other hand are anything but traditional. The focus lies on the world of modern-day branding and marketing techniques and its aesthetic language. The subjects in Kolibiri’s paintings and sculptures are instantly recognizable either from their omnipresent branding and marketing campaigns or as seemingly banal moments captured and robbed of their context. But being surrounded by the beauty on the one hand and the apprehension of contemporary tourism in Greece on the other, Kolibiri’s pieces never only convey the seemingly happy-go-lucky atmosphere they suggest at the first glimpse. Described by the artist as a magnifying glass on consumerism the pieces shown for Sofia Art Week are very compelling in their powerful gestures and bold colours. Kolibiri was rewarded numerous awards for her work both in Greece and abroad. Parallel @Aether Space. Teodora Kotseva ( presents Carolina Romillo Marin, Cuban-Spanish artist who works primarily with film, photography, and video installation. She graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Faculty of Communication Blanquerna (Ramon Llull University) in Barcelona and has pursued a career of producer and film director for documentaries and fiction films. Her major works have been showcased in prestigious film festivals, art centers, and galleries in Havana, Barcelona, Berlin, London. She has been awarded "Best Foreign New Director" at the Winchester Film Festival in 2018 for her film “A Different Afternoon" and "Best Dance Film" at the Mits Barcelona in 2020 for “Inside/Outside.“ Currently based in Berlin she is exploring and experimenting with the analog format (16mm and 35mm), using movement as a language and a catalyst for her artistic discourse. Her works delve into alchemy, intertwining themes of nature, mysticism, energies, symbolism, cosmos, identity, and self-image, in a space where imagination dances with reality, creating a harmonious symphony of thought-provoking contemplation. “THE POWER UPON US” a project that investigates the influence of the Moon, its astrological conjunctions and their power on both individual and collective human behavior. Through movement and contemporary dance, each planet and star come to life, personified by interpreters, amplifying emotional projections and attributes influenced by the lunar energy. Shot in Havana with expired 16mm film, infusing it with a symbolic and exquisite texture. The artist guides the performers through improvisation, movement and sound, encouraging them to explore their bodies as instruments through oral exercises like breathing and singing. This theatrical approach provides a unique sound dimension to the piece and imbues each character with distinctive qualities. The narrative of the film and exhibition is woven, interrelating and correlating the universal creative forces, emphasizing the profound connection and energetic bond between living and non-living elements. The project aims to create a reflective space, challenging us to re-imagine our place in the world from a perspective that goes beyond the anthropocentric and rational; thus seeking to validate the philosophical significance of mysticism, uncertainty and anomalies in shaping the meaning of existence and human behavior. The result is a thought-provoking and profound artistic endeavor that invites viewers to delve into the realms of the unknown and the magical, unlocking new perspectives on our place in the universe. About the founders: Kai Muller gains 13 years of immersive experience in the art world, and has emerged as a prominent figure at the intersection of technology and artistic expression. After studies of art history his career began in an esteemed art gallery in Berlin, where he honed their expertise and passion for art. In 2015, Kai Müller transitioned into a self-employed role, specializing as a video-art-technician and technical planner. Their skills led them to collaborate with some of the most renowned names in the realm of video art, establishing a reputation for technical finesse and creative innovation. Teodora Kotseva is an art manager, curator, writer and cultural entrepreneur working in the fields of limited edition design, contemporary art, time-based video art and cultural entrepreneurship. Her educational background comprises of BA in Art, Culture and Communication from Bocconi University, Milan, Italy and MA in Cultural Economics from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands. In the past seventeen years she has lived and worked in Milan, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, London, and most recently Berlin.
14 October 2023
15:00 - 19:00
Karla Paredes, Wafae Ahalouch, Fedrik Vaessen, Noa Zuidervaart, Iver Uhre Dahl, Marie Civikov
Doza Gallery , Æther art space & Untiled gallery
DRAWN TO YOU is an invitation to everyone willing to join the table and draw with us. We’re using the act of drawing as a tool to get into conversation with each other and exchange what keeps our minds occupied. What appears on the paper emerges from our inner world, channeled through the conversations and vice versa. At the end of the day, the output is exhibited and the dialogue can continue. Afterwards, we’ll take the outcome to The Hague, where it will become part of a presentation to be shown at Æther Haga. There, we’ll invite visitors to respond to the first session in Sofia and each other. The results will return one day for a follow-up and become a perpetuum mobile.
15 October 2023
15:00 - 19:00
Visitors open hours
@Æther art space & Untiled gallery
15 October 2023
15:00 - 18:00
Visitors open hours
Doza Gallery
5 pm. FOCUS ON @ Doza Gallery- sound composition acoustic listening session with sound composition by Henning Watkinson, German composer and artist. FOCUS ON 10 pm. @Doza Gallery-Collective dreaming & Guided meditation led by Voin de Voin. We will convey a sleep over ritual at the gallery.
17 October 2023
15:00 - 19:00
Closing SAW
Doza Gallery, Æther art space & Untiled gallery
6pm @Doza Gallery CLOSING RECEPTION OF SAW 6 In the evening of the last day , we will present the outcome of the collective art piece and will try to raising a fund that will go for The European Centre for cancer research. Everything counts.
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